Future Apartments

by Birthday Boy


Birthday Boy Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon. Lo-tech electronic garage pop singer/songwriter. Maybe.
Originally from North Carolina. Former bass/keys of Kovacs and the Polar Bear.

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Track Name: head on the ground
I can sleep with my head on the ground. (I don't know . . . shit, you come up with something.)
Track Name: oh you multimillionaires
all of the food is free all of the drinks are on me tell all your friends they can come see if your neighbor wants some all of the fingers I flaunt I get whatever I want ain't life a grand buffet fingers that get in the way oh you multimillionaires we're sneaking into your swimming pools at night and kissing girls with golden hair and kissing girls with golden hair like throwing punches in a fight there's just some things you have to do I met the butcher in the parking lot and thanked the lord for processed food